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About Us

Guillem León

I've been playing the piano since the age of 5, and am now working on a classical piano performance major. I have been using computers for even longer, and when those two sides of me coincide, I dedicate my time to composing music that is definitely not classical, and helping to design the sounds you will find on this site! If I'm at my computer and my DAW isn't open, you can safely assume that there is something horribly wrong with the world.

Piotr Machacz

I have been fascinated with sound ever since I got my first tape recorder and took some piano lessons. There is something really awesome about doing sound design, the feeling you get when you morph multiple sounds together to make something new that fits with what you’re working on. It’s this feeling of creativity that I get lost in when working on audio projects. I have now created audio for multiple games and applications. I try to constantly expand my capabilities by getting new libraries, hardware and software and learning new tricks to make even more interesting effects. Apart from sound design and my full-time job, my other hobbies include gaming (channeled through PG13 Plays and editing the database), programming, and learning about and testing new software and hardware while providing feedback to its developers.

Kevin Weispfennig

If I'm not in a code editor I'm in a DAW. Digital audio has changed the way we perceive and manipulate sound on such a drastic scale, and combining the two, code and sound, is truly something special. From creating different sounds using synthesizers and effects, mixing and mastering sounds and music, to sonifying different kinds of data, there is so much that can be done with sound that is often overlooked. I'm trying to change that. In the rare occasion I'm not, I'm probably live, joining Piotr on a PG13 Plays stream, travelling somewhere, or solemnly swearing that I'm up to no good.

Henrik Borthen

I've had a fascination with computers and technology from a quite early age, and I've always had a strong passion about music. I started taking piano lessons when I was 4, and music has stuck with me on some level ever since. I've also worked in a recording studio for 2 years, mostly doing post production on music, which I feel has helped me a lot with understanding some of the theory behind capturing a good performance and making it into something nice.